In With Red

I've always liked bringing in the new year in red. While I'm not one for resolutions or superstitions, there's something about wearing a bright, bold red as the clock strikes twelve that I think starts the new year on a bright, bold note, and that says go ahead, bring it. 

When Lady In Red strutted herself into the shop, I knew it was going to be the New Favourite Dress (of course, you know, until the next one...).

It's an understated piece that you might almost pass by on the rack. You have to try it on to fully appreciate its classic cuts, flattering skirt that falls not too short or too long, and a sash belt that you can wrap around your waist and tie in the front, tie at the side, or at the back in a big, fun bow. 

The best thing is that you can wear it with a cardigan to the office, with heels and jewels for a night out, and either will work whether it's December 31st or July 1st. 

What colour brought you into 2014?

January 04, 2014 — Meghan Finney

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December 18, 2013 — Meghan Finney

National Candy Apple Day

Remember those classic Halloween treats that used to fill your pillow case at the end of a brisk evening of dedicated trick or treating? Candy corn, colourful taffy, and the famous bags of orange cheeses were some of the top finds from your Halloween stash. Orange stained cheeks and a belly ache always seemed to be my happy Halloween routine.

The one treat I always waited for and rarely got was the famous Red Candy Apple. I always loved the mysterious spooky stories that came along with this classic treat and the excuse to be as messy as you like. Take your first bite and instantly become candy covered! Only on a few Halloweens had I received a candy coated apple, and I remember being quite young at the time.

After that, whenever Halloween came around, there was always an embellished spooky story on the playground of the candy apples that had been tampered with. As if the Hansel and Gretel/Snow White fairytales had come to life! And as rumours spread, the parents worried. “Don’t take the candy apples!” would be a common warning from “grown ups”. Soon there were no more candy apples to be found around our neighborhood on Halloween. So this year I decided to take on the task of making my own, well, candy apples with a twist. I found some alternative recipes and thought it would be fun to amp up the spooky element. I tried out a more bewitching take on the classic treat, in the spirit of all the spooky stories that came along with “the candy apple” when I was a kid.

Here a few pictures from my Dark Crimson Candy Apple project!





Candy Apple Dark


4-6 Red Delicious apples
3 cup(s) sugar
1 cup(s) water
1/2 cup(s) light corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon(s) c vanilla
1 tablespoon red, yellow green food coloring *Or black

My tip on making Dark Crimson Candy Apples is to definitely double dip! To get the darker red I used red, yellow, green coloring and few drops of vanilla. The eerie sticks were easy, I just headed out for a trek through my back yard. Another tip would be to embrace the mess! This sweet project tends to leave everything pretty sugary and sticky so it’s best to just go with it and clean up afterwards. They are also not as pretty as Pinterest may make them appear, but that’s okay because they are covered in delicious candy and that’s all that really matters anyways right?

In celebration of National Candy Apple Day and as our treat to you, there will be a sale of 15% off the Candy Apple Pop Dress.

Candy Apple Pop PicDoo

*Sale ends at midnight tonight – sharp!

So whether it’s with a new craft or a good ghost story, go ahead and embrace your spooky side this Hallow’s eve! 

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween Everyone! 

Until next time,




October 31, 2013 — Meghan Finney

Celebrity Style Icon: Zooey Deschanel

“In an ideal world no one would talk before 10am. People would just hug, because waking up is really hard.”

-Zooey Deschanel

Who doesn’t have a crush on Miss Zooey Deschanel these days? With her peter pan collars, poofy A-lines, and pretty polka dots, we can’t help but adore the stylish actress, singer and blogger. When not performing with her indie band She&Him, Zooey’s super cute style is widely featured every Tuesday night in her quirky hit sitcom, “New Girl”. She’s a popular lady these days with a recent album release and Season 2 of her show in its first episodes. I’m a big fan of her quirky jokes and marvellously awkward moments as the adorable Jess in “New Girl”. Being the dress fanatic that I am, I most of all appreciate her original style and consistent dedication to wearing flats no matter how fancy the outfit! Since I have been following her show and blog “HelloGiggles”, I have been looking forward to doing a “Celebrity Style Icon” feature on her fab fashion. Here are just a few of the many amazing Zooey Deschanel fashions!

My Most Favourite Zooey Looks!


So after doing research on my favourite fashionista, I was inspired to go out and find some of my own Zooey-esk looks. Turns out I didn’t have to go too far, but not very surprising since I do spend most of my days surrounded by racks of lovely dresses. I quickly found lots of La Quaintrelle styles that were perfectly fitting for a “What Would Zooey Wear” feature. And so, from her casual circle skirts to her 50′s fit and flares, it’s time for our own “Dress Like Jess”! 


My Lil Pony Dress- 54.99, Cherry Bombshell Dress- 64.99, Polka Dot Barrette- 2.99, Soda Pop Dress- 59.99 


Floral Moon Dress- 69.99, Weekend Getaway Dress-54.99, Sophisticated Sophie Heel- 49.99, Watercolor Scarf- 19.99

Dollhouse Dress- 84.99, Leaf It To Me Blouse- 54.99, Outfit Complete! Belt- 14.99


Now, if you’re a Zooey fan like myself, I recommend taking a search through your closet to see what styles you can pull together to get the famed cutesy look. It’s a great way to get style-inspired, whether it’s for your day wear or an evening outfit. Or even better, throw on some thick rimmed glasses and get the New Girl look this Hallo’s Eve. And if someone asks who you are dressed as, you can let them know, “It’s Jess”!  

So pick out a straight scarf, a colourful belt, your fullest skirt and throw in a bright peacoat for good measure, and you’ll have the Zooey Deschanel style down in no time! 


Who inspires your style? 

As always, we’d love to hear about your favourite fashionistas!


Until next time,




October 17, 2013 — Meghan Finney

It's Mad Hatter Day!

Hurry, Hurry… Don’t Be Late!

October 6 is Mad Hatter Day! It’s a day to get a little silly and celebrate all things ridiculous and nonsense. A fine day to pile on multiple layers of clothing, throw colour-coordination to the wind, and proudly embrace that accessory or piece of clothing that’s a little quirky.

We had a mad, crazy, wonderful idea ourselves. In honor of our funny friend, the Mad Hatter, we’re throwing a tea party of our own with a sale of 20% off our Tea Party Tunics and Wascaly Wabbit jewelry.

The Mad Hatter knew how to throw a tea party in true imaginative fashion! Get out your cutest antique china, invite your friends over for tasty tea party treats, and partake in some old fashion riddles and giggles. But don’t be late! You’d have to be as “Mad as a Hatter” to miss out on tea time.

Sale ends at midnight tonight – sharp!

October 06, 2013 — Meghan Finney

Craftiness and Happiness

A new craft or DIY project can make for some of the most relaxing evenings and weekends. So after a busy August of weddings and summer gatherings, I thought it would be quite delightful to take a weekend off and try out some sewing basics! Back in my elementary days I was not much for sports or girl guides, and as a result, my mother enrolled me in sewing class. I took to it right away and found myself a fun new hobby. I made my own clothes, handbags and PJs. This skill gave me a great sense of creative independence as a kid. I was stylin’ my own clothes to school and feeling confident! (Even when they may have resembled my mothers curtains!)

So last weekend I took on the challenge of relearning the craft of sewing. My first step, an apron! I figured well, I definitely am in need of one, and how hard can the “basic apron pattern” be. I then headed off to Fabricville and picked out some great floral fabric and the simplest pattern I could find. The pattern’s name was “Simplicity” :)

To begin, I decided it would be best to get as organized as I could. To relearn something can be tough and at times frustrating. So I thought if I was to set everything up as the directions recommended, then some of my sewing knowledge should start coming back to me. The toughest part was actually quite surprising. Reading a pattern was not as easy as I expected. I recommend Googling “How to Read Pattern” for your first time following one. 
Once the pattern was set and my fabric was pinned, things were smooth sailing. Cutting out the material was quite relaxing, and kind of reminded me of my kindergarten years. From there I threaded the machine and then we were off! My tip would be to start off slow and ignore your inner speed-demon. Recognizing this earlier probably would have saved me some time and thread! 
After a few hours of sewing, a lot of redos (Thank you seam-ripper), and a few pin pricks, there was an apron. Nothing fancy, but an apron that fit me and that I made. It was exciting to try on a finished product. I felt like a kid again.. that kid that couldn’t wait for Tuesday night sewing lessons and showing off my “curtain-like styles” to my classmates.  

It can be a lot of fun learning and practicing a new craft. I completely forgot how challenging yourself with a new project can quickly take the worries of your week away! So, whatever crafty hobby you take up next, I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I did and share your creative project with us. We love hearing your original stories and experiences!

Happy crafting everyone!

September 13, 2013 — Meghan Finney