Doula On A Mission: The Salty Stork Heads to Haiti

Jennifer and her daughter, Mathilde, have been long-time customers of the shop, and as of late, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jennifer a little better as a fellow entrepreneur. A woman of great compassion, many talents, and boundless zeal, Jennifer is a doula who has established her business as The Salty Stork, and has been supporting families throughout pregnancy, labour and birth, and postpartum.

Jennifer currently services the entirety of Cape Breton Island and Antigonish area, and this coming winter she will bring her experience and skills to the Maison de Naissance Birth Centre in Torbeck, Haiti, training local volunteers to support labouring mothers.

“Every mother deserves a positive, safe and healthy birth experience where she feels supported and protected,” says Jennifer. “Yet women throughout the third world are often unable to access services that we in the Western world are lucky to have.”

Jennifer hopes to be a part of this change, and to start she’ll make her mark in Haiti, a nation that has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere.

The role of the doula is not yet known in Haiti, but it is something Jennifer hopes can be fostered.

“Presently, while family members are encouraged to attend and assist the delivering mother, many families are not able to provide this support for various reasons,” explains Jennifer. “As a result, many women have only a midwife with them in the delivery room.”


As part of her fundraising efforts, Jennifer has been making and selling beeswax food wraps, and we are happy to be selling them here at LQ to assist her fundraising efforts. Monies raised will help Jennifer with her daily living expenses while in Haiti, plus travel, vaccines, and lodging. Any funds raised beyond what she needs will be used to purchase equipment and supplies or given as donations to the centre.

A selection of Jennifer’s wraps can be found at LQ both in-store and online.

To make a donation to her fundraiser, visit her GoFundMe page.

Best of luck, Jennifer!

October 01, 2019 — Meghan Finney
Holiday Wreath Workshops with Trinity's Florals

Holiday Wreath Workshops with Trinity's Florals

That's a wrap on our second annual holiday workshops with Trinity's Florals! 
We love the festive tradition it's become and loved seeing new faces this year! 



Each student started with a grapevine base and then Trinity guided them
through using various greenery.

They started by building a base of
fir, pine, and British Columbia cedar, and then cut, shaped, and added boxwood,
holly and ivy, salal leaves, pine cones, and a bow for accents.

It was neat to see how beautiful each one was in the end.
Everyone took their vision in a completely different direction
and created something that they would feel proud hanging in
their home this holiday season.

 One of the best parts about the wreaths is that they’ll last you
through the entire holiday season!

Thanks to Trinity for leading the workshop, and to Brittany for capturing
the evenings so perfectly.

And most of all, thanks to you, our participants, for coming and allowing us to do this season after season. If you attended the workshops, keep an eye
on your inbox as we will be sending you the full gallery :) 

December 03, 2016 — Meghan Finney

Sunday Morning Reading: 07.31.16

How was your weekend? We're heading on an overnight hike to Pollett's Cove and are looking forward to spending some time off the grid and on the beach with our little pup, George. Have a beautiful day, and here are a few nice reads from around the web...

  • We're part of the Sydney chapter of the Rising Tide Society, a community for creative entrepreneurs (lead, here, by Brittany). I'm excited for their new podcast launching tomorrow.
  • I've been making these burrito bowls all week (leftovers make awesome next-day lunches).
  • If these photos don't perfectly capture real summer cabin life, I don't know what does. 

Wishing Well: A clothing donation campaign to support women and youth-focused initiatives in Cape Breton.

As a small business, we think of our store as more than a retail space. We think of it as a community hub — a place run by a handful of people who love where we live and who are passionate about seeing its vitality. This past year we've expanded offerings to include hosting local events and workshops to grow the community where we live, work, and play.  We also aspire to be good neighbours by connecting our customers with resources and value-added knowledge beyond our basic product selection — this ranges from expansion to include the handmade artisan community and support of local non-profit causes. 

This summer we're happy to make your shopping experience more meaningful by giving you the option to take part in Wishing Well: A clothing donation campaign to support women and youth-focused initiatives in Cape Breton. 

From now until September 1, 2016, we will be collecting your pre-loved La Quaintrelle clothing items and giving your donations to two local women/youth-focused community organizations. In exchange for your donated item you will receive a 20% discount coupon to be used towards your next purchase.

This year's campaign will benefit the Cape Breton Transition House Foundation and CaperBase @ Access 808.

Cape Breton Transition House Foundation is a charitable organization raising money to support projects and programs of Cape Breton Transition House - A safe haven for abused women and their children. Transition House relies on the Foundation for aid in the provision of services and goods including craft supplies and entertainment; furniture, personal items, and clothing. 

CaperBase @ Access 808 works to ensure at-risk youth of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality have opportunity to access a continuum of services and supports, which include prevention programs, emergency response, and accommodations. Access 808 works with youth, families and other community partners to support the development of more effective solutions to break the cycle of youth homelessness.

Donation Criteria:

  • Item(s) must be clothing (dress, top, or bottom) and must have been previously purchased at La Quaintrelle. Items will be verified in-store.
  • Item(s) must be cleanly washed and in good, gently-worn condition. Items with stains, rips, missing accessories i.e. belts, buttons, etc. will not be accepted.  
  • Item(s) may be donated several times throughout the summer.
  • Coupon can only be redeemed on regular priced items and cannot be used in conjunction with another sale or promotion.
  • Coupon can only be used by the donor.  

 Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner!  Give your pre-loved clothing a new home and save on a newly-loved find. We look forward to seeing you in-store!

Maker Story: Birch & Bliss

Katelyn Morse, artist behind the Etsy shop Birch & Bliss, lives in Baddeck with her husband. Here, she shares her warm and cheery wisdom on finding your community, a creative routine that works for you, and beauty in your natural surroundings...   

How are you enjoying living in Cape Breton? Do you have a favourite place or hidden gem? 

I was born and raised on a strawberry and hobby horse farm in Annapolis Valley, NS. It's no wonder I have a thing for plants and animals - I think it's in my blood! I married my husband two years ago and moved to Baddeck where he is from.

I love living in Cape Breton! There's such a sense of community and so, so much natural beauty. There are so many little side trails and brooks and streams that are just gorgeous.

When did you start illustrating and painting? 

I've been illustrating all my life. I'm thankful for my mom - I wouldn't go to bed until she drew a picture with me every night.

I actually only got into using a paintbrush about two years ago and found I quite enjoyed it!

What does your creative process look like? Do you have a certain routine or rule of thumb? 

I get a good dose of inspiration first, then cuddle with my cat to make her go to sleep. She gets in the way if I start while she is awake! I always need something yummy to sip on, and occasionally I'll put on an 8tracks playlist and then I get to work!

Where do you find inspiration?

Always nature. There's so much beauty and strength in creation it is never ending. In my work I try to inspire people to appreciate the things we are freely given on this earth!

Outside of painting your pretty things, what else do you love to do?

I love the beach, I love hiking, and I love exploring new places. Petting zoos and plant greenhouses are among my other favorite places to enjoy.

If you were magically given three more hours each day, what would you do with them?

If they were magical, I'd have them teleport me to a different country and back. ;)

What advice would you give to others who want to give their craft a "go"?

Exactly that, give it a go! Don't be afraid, just do what you love. Others will gravitate towards your passion. Get your work out there in as many places as you can! Be bold and be kind. Enjoy the process and find a community of other makers to help encourage you and each other.

Thanks so much, Katelyn! We love, love, love your work. Shop Katelyn's collection at LQ in-store or online.

October 15, 2015 — Meghan Finney