Autumn's arrived! Shop our new 70s-inspired Fall/Winter collection from Trollied Dolly!

With a new season comes a new decade!

Our newest dresses signal an exciting new direction for the season... Get ready to unleash your inner 70s bombshell with our Fall/Winter collection from Trollied Dolly!

Go ahead - Dig out those floppy hats, tights, and platform boots... ;)

It's still all about vintage. We're keeping to our retro roots. But, this Fall we're giving you a little more than a dash of 1970s styling for your cash. We're excited to see a shift in our vintage styles, and we're welcoming with open arms all the super slinky fabrics, long bell sleeves, swishy skirts, and warm retro colours!

Take a peek...

September 28, 2015 — Meghan Finney