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Welcome to La Quaintrelle!

Welcome to La Quaintrelle! We're an online and bricks-and-mortar boutique on beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. A small team works every day to bring you a carefully curated collection of unique women's clothing and accessories. 

What does La Quaintrelle mean?

The definition of a quaintrelle (pronounced kwayn-trell) is: A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. 

For a quaintrelle, it’s important that her style expresses her inner-being and character, and she is more concerned with things she likes, rather than what might be in fashion.  From a lifestyle perspective, a quaintrelle also pursues and makes time for things that are important to her.  While quaintrellism is mostly about a way of living, personal style in clothing is certainly an aspect of that. The best thing about a quaintrelle is that anyone can be one. I believe that creating personal style is much more important, and true to one's self, than attempting to conform to a certain trend, magazine spread, or big-box mannequin. 

The idea of opening a boutique came from my own difficulty in finding clothes that I really liked and wanted to wear. I was often unable to find anything at a mall or outlet store that I felt fit my personal style, and I soon began looking elsewhere – online, family closets, and vintage stores – for pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. I soon realized that this was an opportunity. It was an opportunity to help others with the same problem and to infuse something new and different into the local market.

La Quaintrelle began in August 2011 as an online dress store. I soon after opened a storefront in North Sydney where we remain today.

What can I find in your store?

At La Quaintrelle, we carry a collection of products that might not appeal to the masses, but they do help a select niche segment of the market better express her personal sense of style. Our products usually have some feature that we think is particularly “enchanting”.  Maybe it’s the fabric, maybe it’s the special collar design or belt detail.  Each dress has been carefully chosen because we believe each and every one we select is a dress that helps you better express who you are. 

You can see the same online merchandise in our bricks & mortar store located at 299 Commercial Street, North Sydney. We're overlooking the beautiful harbour, just a stone's throw from Marine Atlantic. Besides our LQ clothing and accessories, we're happy to be home to jewelry and accessories made by 30+ very talented creative, small, handmade businesses.

Winter 2016 Hours: 

Tuesday - Saturday: 10-5

Thanks so much for taking the time to browse.  We appreciate your business and welcome all feedback and suggestions. 


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