At La Quaintrelle, we care about the environment and we’re always trying to think of ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  One sure fire way to help is with packaging.  We’ve made a deliberate decision with our packaging practices to be green in the following ways:
Send parcels by the lowest weight method – We select between poly mailers and recycled cardboard boxes depending on the package size.  The less weight being shipped = earth friendly.
Eco-friendly poly mailers – We’ve found a supply of poly mailers that are manufactured 100% from pre-and post consumer waste recycled material.  They are tear proof, as well!  These mailers are recyclable too, so make sure you place them in the appropriate bin after they’ve made their way to your house J
Cardboard sleeve insert for mailing – This is where we’ve been reusing.  Rather than source new inserts, we’ve been recycling our own clean household cardboard for reuse.  So, you might just get one of our cereal boxes or other cardboard in your package....we like Cheerios and Shreddies! ;) It is important to remember that every effort counts, big or small. We all can make a difference by taking simple steps as part of our daily lives.