Meet The Maker: Lavami


We're excited to introduce Lavami products to La Quaintrelle! Owner and founder, Noni Doig, found an unexpected passion in crafting skincare products as a result of her own struggle in finding a line that aided her psoriasis. 

And so Lavami was born. Noni's natural bath and beauty products are hand crafted in Calgary and Toronto and are completely pure and free from toxic ingredients - using only those of the highest quality from around the world. The high-end line is designed to supremely hydrate the skin while keeping prices affordable for the customer, and excluding the harmful ingredients typically found in skin care products. 

Safe, natural, and sustainable (and Canadian) skincare is a movement we strongly and proudly support, and we're happy to welcome this small business to ours!

Shop the line of facial and body soaps, bath soaks, deodorants, scrubs and body butters here. And until Sunday at midnight, save 10% on any lavami product using code LAVAMI10.

July 07, 2017 — Mya Westhaver

Meet The Maker: Northern Flicker Co.

Let me introduce you to our newest candle company at LQ - Northern Flicker Co. Owner/maker, Amber, raises her small young family in Southampton, Ontario, and fuels her handmade business with small town dreams and a love for making people smile. 

In the beginning, making candles helped to pass the time while her toddler slept. Slowly, making candles crept from being a pastime and hobby, to becoming a passion project and profession. 

Amber pours the candles in small batches, lets them cure overnight, and then labels each jar by hand. She ensures her ingredients are good for the body and good for the earth, sourcing her wax exclusively from the United States, and keeping it vegan and GMO-free. Combined with fine fragrance oils and cotton-core wicks, Northern Flicker candles burn clean with little to no smoke or soot.

Although she doesn’t have a formal background in design, she has cited northern design as the inspiration for Northern Flicker Co.’s aesthetic. And the minimalist design is on purpose: to partner with any and every one's home.  

“My candles are as simple as they can get, not only so the wax is as natural as possible, but also so that they blend into everyone's decor scheme.”

We're delighted to welcome Northern Flicker Co. to our family of Canadian and hand made brands. Shop our nine scents online or in-store. 

October 18, 2016 — Meghan Finney

Maker Story: Wildwood

We're excited to share our new line of natural skincare in the shop: Wildwood. The collection includes tonics, tinctures, balms, serums, oils, scrubs, soaks, butters, salves, soaps, and hydrosols made by owner and maker, Dominique. Based in Toronto, she's a free spirit, homesteader, curator of vintage curiosities and wildcrafter of natural remedies, and I'm so grateful to have her products at LQ!

Dominique says:

Our story starts on our family farm where we fell in love with botany and traditional herbalism, harvesting the herbs and flowers grown on our land which we used to create natural, effective and wholesome remedies. After moving to downtown Toronto, we longed for access to pure, natural ingredients that grew so bountifully on our farm. Today we own a charming, sunny little shop in Toronto: ROWAN Homespun Market | Apothecary.

The natural skincare is crafted from locally gathered botanicals and pure oils and extracts. Each decoction is inspired by traditional herbalism and ancient Ayurvedic remedies, and is thoughtfully and simply formulated with the healing power of botanicals to be equally nourishing and effective.

All products are 100% natural and free of preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens and sulphates. We hope you find something you love!

Shop the collection here.

June 21, 2016 — Meghan Finney