A new craft or DIY project can make for some of the most relaxing evenings and weekends. So after a busy August of weddings and summer gatherings, I thought it would be quite delightful to take a weekend off and try out some sewing basics! Back in my elementary days I was not much for sports or girl guides, and as a result, my mother enrolled me in sewing class. I took to it right away and found myself a fun new hobby. I made my own clothes, handbags and PJs. This skill gave me a great sense of creative independence as a kid. I was stylin’ my own clothes to school and feeling confident! (Even when they may have resembled my mothers curtains!)

So last weekend I took on the challenge of relearning the craft of sewing. My first step, an apron! I figured well, I definitely am in need of one, and how hard can the “basic apron pattern” be. I then headed off to Fabricville and picked out some great floral fabric and the simplest pattern I could find. The pattern’s name was “Simplicity” :)

To begin, I decided it would be best to get as organized as I could. To relearn something can be tough and at times frustrating. So I thought if I was to set everything up as the directions recommended, then some of my sewing knowledge should start coming back to me. The toughest part was actually quite surprising. Reading a pattern was not as easy as I expected. I recommend Googling “How to Read Pattern” for your first time following one. 
Once the pattern was set and my fabric was pinned, things were smooth sailing. Cutting out the material was quite relaxing, and kind of reminded me of my kindergarten years. From there I threaded the machine and then we were off! My tip would be to start off slow and ignore your inner speed-demon. Recognizing this earlier probably would have saved me some time and thread! 
After a few hours of sewing, a lot of redos (Thank you seam-ripper), and a few pin pricks, there was an apron. Nothing fancy, but an apron that fit me and that I made. It was exciting to try on a finished product. I felt like a kid again.. that kid that couldn’t wait for Tuesday night sewing lessons and showing off my “curtain-like styles” to my classmates.  

It can be a lot of fun learning and practicing a new craft. I completely forgot how challenging yourself with a new project can quickly take the worries of your week away! So, whatever crafty hobby you take up next, I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I did and share your creative project with us. We love hearing your original stories and experiences!

Happy crafting everyone!

Written by Meghan Finney

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