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Well, well, well, it's National Ice Cream Day! If you're anything like us you don't need an excuse to indulge, but if you do, today is your day!  

There's some things that are just better in the summer. While we're firm believers in ice cream all year long, there's just something about the sun beating down, your flip flops hitting the pavement, cone in hand. It really is the little things; life's small pleasures.

To celebrate in proper fashion, we thought we'd give you the scoop (see what we did there) on our top 5 places to indulge. Tis the season!

1. A & K Lick-A-Treat 

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A & K Lick-A-Treat, I mean guys it's iconic. This little old school drive-in is pumping all Summer long. Sure to meet all your cool treat needs. From your classic cones: soft serve and hard. To homemade waffle cones, drumsticks and ice cream sandwiches. Not to mention toppings and dips galore. 

Located just across the parking lot from A & K Lick-A-Chick, doesn't get much better on a Summer night than dinner and a quick walk to dessert! Remember, it's cash only.

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2. The Bayside


Another iconic little drive-in, it's tradition. The Bayside not only has a beautiful view while you enjoy a frozen treat, but they have dips galore. Can we talk about instagram worthy! A cotton candy dipped cone will have you swooning!

There's also bubble gum, birthday cake and peanut butter to name a few. Whatever your ice cream hankering, we're sure you'll find just what you're looking for. 

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3. George's Country Convenience

Remember when you were a kid, and you'd stop for ice cream. You would press your nose up against the glass and point to your favorites. If you were lucky you'd get a double scoop. Or a triple if you even dared. George's is perfect to feel that perfect summer nostalgia. They also have that old school candy you love!

And guys, they have soft serve frozen yogurt...made with real fruit! Get it in a waffle cone and up the anti. 

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4. Chill Zone Cool Treats

It's all about location, location, location...even when you're having your favorite treat. What's better than digging into a mammoth ice cream drumstick? Digging into one while you enjoy the sunshine on Sydney's waterfront, that's what!

All your favorite soft serve and hard flavors with your favorite toppings. Not to mention their classic Chillzone Drumsticks. Guys, they have ice cream cake, and real fruit frozen yogurt, with a view.

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5. Annie's Ice Cream Parlour


New on the scene is Annie's Ice Cream Parlour. Ice cream on wheels. That's right, an ice cream food truck. Everything you love about a classic ice cream parlour, but with the ability to roam. Guys, this is dreams. 

Flavors and toppings galore. They have signature Annie's embellished cones with all the sugary goodness you could imagine. And that's not even the best part...they have ice cream tacos and burritos. Yes! You read that right.

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and there you have it. 

We strongly suggest an Ice Cream Bucket List! Do the tour! Taste them all! Do you have a favorite? Is there any where that is a must on the Island for ice cream? Let us know!

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Written by Faith Farrell

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