You read that right. Sangria. Ice. Pops. Combining two of our favorite things: cool Popsicle treats and cocktails. A "Poptail" if you will. I mean, you know what fans of sangria we are, so we're invested. All of our refreshing summer drinks seem to be cropping up in frozen treat form, which is definitely a trend we can get behind.

You're probably thinking, how did I not know about this? Don't worry, we've got you covered and the process and is simple. I know you're thinking, "is there some kind of trick?" But, really you simply take your favorite recipe and freeze it!

First, you will need a DIY Popsicle tray to get started then you throw together your favorite sangria recipe. 

Now remember, the summer sun is hot, and we're trying to stay hydrated, so I like to pack in the fruit. It's a cool treat. It's boozy. It's a snack. It's the best of everything. 

Something else you can do to sweeten the deal is add some simple syrup to your sangria mixture. This will make it more like a sweet treat. 

Fill those trays up right to the brim and freeze. Maybe you'd like to freeze them over night, (Preferably before a pool party. I'm invited right?) this way you won't be stuck standing outside the freezer waiting for them to freeze instantaneously. It's slower to watch things freeze, then to watch the grass grow. 

Finally, all you do is pop them out and enjoy! There's nothing as aesthetically pleasing as a Sangria Ice Pop in summer. Well, maybe a giant unicorn pool floatie, but I mean, why not do both?!

Invite the girls over, and pull these bad boys out of the freezer. Ta-da! You just became the most popular kid at the pool party. 

We browsed around for some other delicious Poptails and made a list of the ones we can't wait to try this summer: Tequila Sunrise Pops, Mud Slide Ice Pops, Pina Colada Pops and Mojito Pops, to name a few. What are some Poptails you've made or would love to try?

(photo inspiration found on Pinterest)

Written by Faith Farrell

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