Summer time and the living...and the pouring of easy. There's not many things I like to put into a seasonal corner, (except Christmas theme socks, they are all the way in the corner) but, there is just something so satisfying about Sangria in Summer. 

Sangria Saturday is a summer tradition that I wholeheartedly believe in, and I'm putting out the call. Come join me friends...

I have Sangria-ed here, I have Sangria-ed there, I would Sangria anywhere. Which is all the more reason to develop your own brew. I'll tell you now, I have shown up to a Summer Shindig with a cooler full of mason jars, with the perfect Sangria to fruit ratio in each, ready to party. Sangria, party of one. (But, remember sharing is caring. And you may not make friends with salad, but you sure can with Sangria).

But, I digress...back to brewing up your own. What do we need? Well I like to mix mine up in a big vat. A large drink dispenser is ideal. Your Dad's lobster pot. That Crystal punch bowl that's been passed down three careful with that one at a party. 

Once you've chosen your vessel, its time to choose your wine. My fav is white wine Sangria, so I usually go for a nice fruity Moscato. For party purposes I usually double my batch and get two bottles. You can also choose whether to accompany your wine with rum or vodka. Now the choice is yours, as well as quantity. It really depends on how boozy you'd like your mixture. And remember, you can still Sangria with no booze at all. After all Sangria Saturday is a state of mind, not an alcohol percentage. 

Next choose your fruit. Regardless of what other fruit I choose, I always choose lemons. One, they remind  me of Beyonce and make me feel powerful. And two, I find them the most refreshing. I slice them in nice rounds. And I remove all the seeds. You don't want to be heimlich-ed later, and also if you chose a drink dispenser this is the kind of thing that can clog your spout (as well as cutting your fruit too small).

My next go to is strawberries, pineapple and mangoes. I hull my strawberries and slice them long. I pick up a debarked and hulled pineapple, cut it in half the long way and slice it up. Now mangoes for me are a struggle. It is rare that I find myself capable of cutting them without being left with a mushy mess. I opt to buy a bag of frozen mango and dump it in. We're for Sangria-ing smarter, not harder. Choose whatever fruit is your favorite. 

Now I throw all my fruit in, and pour in all the liquor (or not). I also like to pour in two parts Tropicana Mango Pineapple juice. I've also been known to on occassion throw in one part pink lemonade. It depends on my mood. But, you can use whatever juice you see fit. 

Now I like to marinate it all over night. But if your short on time, two hours to chill should be fine. 

Now for the best part! The serving.Keep a slotted ladle handy, scoop out some fruit. I like a balance of each, place them into your glass. And fill to your desired height with your summer loving potion. Now at this point I love to add something a little bubbly to the mixture A sparkling water, or a Sprite family soda to top it off. Because bubbles make everything more fun. You could also throw in a few sprigs of fresh mint, if you're feeling fancy. 

And Ta-Da! You're Sangria-ing on a Saturday Friend! What is your favorite Sangria recipe?

 (photo inspo from our trusty Pintrest and one from our girl Faith's personal collection)

Written by Faith Farrell

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