On the Seventh Day of Christmas Giveaways:
Santa is a supporter of Small Elf Business during the Holiday Season. LQ is an Elf Supporter as well! We want to know: How do you support Small Business during the Holiday Season?!
And what do we have for prizes you ask?
A Pompom Hat and Mittens Handmade by Oban Lodge, a 6 Week Yoga Session provided by Yellow Dog Studio, a customized holiday card, set of holiday wall art bundles, and set of wine/beer tags by Marie Ashley Designs, and a Mala Necklace Handmade by Sara Kelly
Oban Lodge 
Oban Lodge is owned and operated by Samantha Delaney. Oban Lodge, pronounced Oh-bin, was her grandfather’s hunting cabin in the Cape Breton wilderness. Here you would find hobbies pursued and memories made. And that's where Samantha draws much of her inspiration.
Samantha has always had a thing for crafting, making and creating with anything from a paintbrush to a power drill.
She taught herself to knit, and found a passion in the endless creative possibilities. She loves experimenting with colour, patterns, and texture.
Her heart belongs to Cape Breton and it's wild beauty. Her goal is to create classic knitwear to keep you warm on your own wild adventure.
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Yellow Dog Studio
A studio is a place of study or zeal - that strong feeling of enthusiasm that makes someone eager or determined to do something or experience something that makes them feel good. Yellow Dog Studio is a space that feeds your zeal!
And yes, while they're definitely about yoga, they envision more than that, too. Yellow Dog Studio is a community focused venue with the main objective to provide activities, like yoga and other classes, that meet your needs for health and well-being. But, they're also a venue for artistic, social and cultural events. And, they do all this in a really cool space.
Their program of offerings is currently being developed, and they're interested in feedback and ideas for what you would like to see in your community, that fits the mandate of Yellow Dog. 
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Sara Kelly Designs
Sara Kelly Designs is intentional jewellery and spiritual tools for the modern woman.
Their Mission is to spread love and light through products that spark joy and support self-introspection.
They Believe that spirituality and personal growth doesn't have to be all-or-nothing: it can be a curiosity, an interest, a slow journey, a learning process. It can be light, heavy, playful, messy and beautiful. It doesn't have to be tied to any specific practice or belief system and it can ebb and flow with your life. It can be whatever you want it to be.
Sara Kelly lives in Fall River, Nova Scotia with her husband and their two young boys. Jewellery making has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Although her style and process continue to grow and evolve alongside her life, her creations are true inspired work and have always been born from a place of love.
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Marie Ashley Designs

 Marie Ashley Designs is a brand new home-based family business that launched just in time for the holidays. They offer a line of printable holiday cards, printable wall art bundles and coming out just this week their holiday wine and beer tags, with more designs to come.  All of their designs can be customized on request and customers can even request customized options that are not currently listed - for example, Marie Ashley Designs is working on a set of kids bedroom wall art printables and a set of wedding "Save the Date" cards.  Marie Ashley Designs will continue to grow and expand as time goes on!

Customers can feel good about shopping Marie Ashley Designs, because when they do, they are also supporting their favorite charity - Caleb's Courage. $1 from every sale is donated to a movement that honors three year old Caleb MacArthur, who valiantly battled Neuroblastoma, a rare and highly aggressive form of childhood cancer. Today, Caleb's family honors him through fundraising efforts that provide loving care to other sick children on Cape Breton Island. For more on Caleb's powerful story and his family's incredible efforts, visit https://www.facebook.com/CalebsCourage.  

Owner/Operator, Janine Hussey is a working mom of two kids aged 7 and 5, who lives on the beautiful Mira River and absolutely loves her life here on Cape Breton Island. Even her kids appreciate how lucky they are to live in this great place.

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Written by Faith Farrell

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