On the Sixth day of Christmas Giveaways:

What do Robert Goulet and Jonathan Taylor Thomas have in common? They both knew how great it was to be home for Christmas! Don't we all love to be home for Christmas? We want to know: What is your favorite thing about being home for Christmas?! Or if you can't be, what is that number one thing that you miss the most?

And on this magical sixth day we have a home themed prize pack just for you!

  • A Cape Breton Home of Our Hearts Sign Handmade by Willow and Twig,
  • A package provided byStephanie Boutilier Design,
  • A batch of Christmas cookies and a gift certificate for a batch of cookies by Coxheath Cookie Jar, and
  • A pair of Darn Tough socks provided by Escape Outdoors

Willow and Twig

Willow and Twig is often recognized for their knits, made by the hands of our very own Faith Farrell. But, did you know that Willow and Twig has also dabbles in Wood Working endeavours. All wood working is taken care of by the Twig to her Willow: Josh Deveaux.

Willow and Twig creates quality home decor and furniture accent items out of solid wood. These range from shelves, mirrors and signs among others. Each piece is personally handcrafted to each cut right down to the last nail.

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And don't forget to check out their Etsy Shop

Stephanie Boutilier Designs

 Stephanie Boutilier Designs is owned and operated by Stephanie Boutilier, a Cape Bretoner who lives in Dartmouth. Her work, which is available on Etsy, features cards, pins, magnets, mirrors and bottle openers, many of which are locally inspired. 

Stephanie has always been a huge advocate of buying local and supporting all the talented people across the province. She loves meeting up with people who recognize her work from different shops, who appreciate her humour and want to support your work when you share it!

She loves coming up with ideas that she thinks fellow Capers will appreciate, like her CB pizza inspired cards. Stephanie's humour is quirky and it's a driving force behind every one of her illustrations. 

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And don't forget to check out her Etsy Shop!

Coxheath Cookie Jar

Coxheath Cookie Jar is a decadent, intricately decorated Cookie Company owned and operated by Hailey Madill.  
Hailey got into cookie decorating three years ago, when a lovely friend (who is a royal icing master!) invited her to a cookie decorating party. It was her first experience with royal icing, but needless to say she was immediately hooked! She practiced at every opportunity she had, and she spends more time watching cookie decorating videos on Instagram and YouTube than she cares to admit. This spring she felt she was ready to start sharing her product and after some encouragement from her amazing friends and fueling from a glass or two of red wine, she launched her very own business! Now it’s six months later and she's sent out over 3500 cookies and counting! Her favourite part of this business is hearing how much people enjoy having her cookies at their events – from weddings, to birthdays to showers – she loves that she can help make an already special day that much sweeter! Follow along on Instagram! Find Hailey on Facebook to place your cookie order today!

Escape Outdoors

EO is Cape Breton’s outdoor retailer focused on helping you get out into the great outdoors, because quite simply, life is better when you do. What’s your passion? Do you like to take man’s best friend and run the trodden paths of your favourite forest? Are you a birder still looking for your next great rare sighting? Perhaps your passion is for places and you want to go where you haven’t yet been. Or, maybe you’re still looking for that something that makes you want get outside everyday and experience life a little more closely with nature. Escape Outdoors offers a wide range of products that will help you make those passions realities and help you escape outside!

Escape Outdoors offers a range of products and brands that grow as they grow. Presently, they offer casual and lifestyle clothing, footwear and accessories.

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Written by Faith Farrell

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