Meet Faith, the newest member to join our team here at LQ! Faith is an artisan knitter, and you may know her as the hands behind @willowandtwigcreative . We're so happy to welcome her! Faith is a young heart with an old soul. She is a foodie (for thought and snacks), a yogini, black and white movie loving, television connoisseur, who specializes in pet snuggles.

When Faith first heard of us, she had no idea what "Quaintrelle" meant. She checked out our About Us page, and thought: this is me. Faith has always thought that the clothes and shoes we wear are the banners we fly to say who we are. She's never paid into the idea of any one style, as an individual she's always cultivated the "Faith-ish".

She believes that as people we are multifaceted, layered and complex. That we change day to day, just like our wardrobes. That some days it's going to be Johnny Ramone skinny jeans and Converse High Tops; some days it's going to be an Audrey Hepburn French Twist and a Midi-dress. She believes we are never just one thing, and that our wardrobe doesn't have to be either! She loves how La Quaintrelle is an ambassador of this mind set! She believes this is what young women need today: permission to be themselves! She considers taking on this role with us a true act of "quaintrellism." She's all for living a life she loves!

We did a little Q & A with Faith, to help you get to know her better!

What are you totally obsessed with right now?

(Haha) Just one thing? Hmm, I'd have to say my newest obsession is house plants! Herbs specifically. I've been sacrificing quite a bit of counter space to them lately. And I often return from the grocery store with them. My family is beginning to doubt my "I just had to rescue this plant" excuse. I mean if they're good enough for Joanne Gaines, they're good enough for me! There's nothing better than cooking and being able to reach over and pluck fresh ingredients right off the counter! I also started my own little vegetable garden a few years ago, and this is a vein of that. There is nothing cooler to me than throwing a seed in the dirt...and a plant grows...and food grows on that plant?! I mean, what?! There's just nothing simpler or more fascinating!  

What's one habit that you've adopted over the years that you're proud of?

I think one of the most important habits I've picked up and stuck with is washing my face before bed! Always. Doesn't matter the time, or how much "Giggle Juice" has been consumed (haha). That face is getting washed! There's nothing better! And more recently I would have to say the practice of yoga! It was never something I really saw myself doing. But, I got in the habit of showing up, and I fell in love!

What's your guilty pleasure?

I don't have the guiltiest mentality. I'm more like an All-Things-In-Moderation-Treat-Yourself kind of person! Haha! But, if I was to say I had a vice for treats, I'd say I'm more of a savory taste. Give me fries and chips over chocolate any day (still like chocolate though haha). But, there really is no such thing as one chip! Family Size bag, you mean Faith Size right?! Haha! The struggle is real!

What's the best thing you've ever read/watched/listened to?

I don't know about best, and I'm not really one for picking favorites because I love so many different things all at the same time! So many things tie! And there's this about that, but that about this, you know?! For read: I can definitely go with what's most recent (If I tried to rate all the books I've read, sheesh, it's A LOT), and that was the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, given to me by my best friend for a gift. So. Good. Pretty much every other sentence could be underlined because there are that many important things going on in there! Read with open eyes and leave it with a more open heart!

Watched is a little harder. For that I'll go with my tied top two favorite movies (from when I was a kid, and they never changed) which are: A Hard Days Night and It's a Wonderful Life. As a kid I went through a serious obsession with The Beatles, and there must have been a year there where I just watched that VHS at least once a day! Haha I used to be able to recite it word for word, which was popular at family parties haha! And always It's a Wonderful Life, because I have always thought that that is what life is about: all those "George Bailey" moments. All you can ever do is your best and try to do good by people. Showing up for others is really how you show up for yourself. And in doing this you may never know the impact you have on those around, you can just try to make it a positive one. I like to watch it once a season, to remind myself.

Listening we'll go with most recent too (I love all the things): which is Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. Tell me they're no fun at a party?! You can't. That's what's on repeat.

You're hosting a dinner party and you can invite any five guests in the world, living or dead. Who do you invite?

Ooo, I'm going to go with celebrities and I'm going to go with a list of living and a list of dead because one thing you want at a party is maybe some common plane of existence talking points!


1) Larry David (because he's saying what you're thinking and would never, cue the inappropriate laughter)

2) Busy Phillips (her instagram stories are always lit. And she's hilar, @busyphilipps)

3) Jedidiah Jenkins (the deepest of thinkers, and be all end all writer @jedidiahjenkins)

4) Sophia Bush (Badass-Save-The-World-Babe @sophiabush)

5) Ruthie Lindsey (Badass Babe Inspiration that makes you re-appreciate sunsets  @ruthielindsey)


1) John Lennon (See Childhood Celebrity Crush)

2) Janis Joplin (She sang from the gut, and I have had a six by four poster hung since I was a kid)

3) Audrey Hepburn (Was (is) obsessed with her movies as a kid, and would always watch them with my Grandma)

4) George Harrison (2/4 Beatle reunion, and I don't think he really was the Quiet Beatle)

5)Jim Morrison (a fascinating creature, would maybe not be the best dinner guest, but would drink all the wine)

What would your last meal on earth be?

How can a Faith ever pick just one thing?! I think we would have to go with a Taster's Platter: fries, two chicken wings (the little ones), one piece of fried chicken, my dad's mashed potatoes with gravy, a couple of spoonfuls of turkey noodle soup, half of a bacon cheeseburger, a bite of four cheese pizza, one of my mom's tea biscuits + a Scratch Me Back, and to top it off I'd like a warm, fudge brownie with a melting scoop of french vanilla ice cream. Might have well just answered this question with All Of The Things...and apparently no vegetables...

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

I without a doubt would say John Lennon. Probably had something to do with my Beatles obsession. He just existed circa 1964-1965 in my mind. And I can still remember when I found out he passed away in 1980, I read it in a book, and I flew down over the stairs yelling at my mother what do you mean John Lennon is dead?! She was kind of like, well duh. But, it was before Google. I was devastated. My first love died nine years before I was born haha so dramatic. 

If you were given an unlimited amount of money to fix any one problem in the world, what issue would you choose and how would you help?

This is a big question for a small Faith! I think the best thing I could do would be to provide clean drinking water, food, and shelter. These are world wide problems. Even in this Big Shiny Country I live in, these are things people struggle with. When people don't have to worry about those basic needs they become so much more focused and powerful, that I don't doubt if I fixed that for them, they could fix so much more for all of us. 

What is your motto or personal mantra?

Something I find myself repeating to myself lately is: You are very fine, and good. I don't know where I got it, probably through some absent scrolling, but I encountered it somewhere, and it stuck. I find it soothing to a troubled, wandering mind. Just a little reminder that what ever is worrying me is probably not as bad as it seems. That everything will work out, as long as I'm trying. 



Written by Faith Farrell

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