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Nothing makes our hearts flutter more than seeing and hearing about you finding an LQ item that bubbles your confidence, fills you with joy, and makes you shine. Over the past few years, our highlights have been our interactions with you in-store or online - helping you find that special outfit or that perfect gift. Over the past few years, you've become more than customers. You've become friends of LQ!

In the A Day In The Life Of A Quaintrelle series, were getting to know more about YOU. How do you, our customers - our quaintrelles, spend your days? What inspiring things are you doing in your community? How do you live a quaintrelle life, and why?

We're excited to learn more about our LQ community and we're sharing your stories of how you emphasize a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. 

Today we're getting to know Bhreagh Orrell, a Nursing student and Residential Care Worker with the Society for Treatment of Autism of Nova Scotia.

What's your current or past favourite LQ item?

Right now I have my eye on the Flirty Cocktail dress!

What are some of your favourite pastimes?

While schoolwork currently takes up much of my time, I enjoy leisurely activities such as volunteering within the community and with different organizations. I am a strong advocate for living what I believe to be a healthy lifestyle, incorporating food and exercise, but most importantly, time and activity with family and friends. I am a lover of politics, and I enjoy not only watching, but playing, hockey.

What are your favourite styles?

My personal favourite styles are long, oversized tops, cardigans, and sweaters, along with oversized scarves and glasses. I enjoy wearing leggings and of course a tall boot to top off an outfit.

What is your definition of a Quaintrelle?

Personally, I define a quaintrelle as a confident, strong, passionate and independent woman. One who is more concerned with living a fulfilling and loving life, than that of what may be suggested by society or peers. This can be emphasized by their commitment to happiness, love, style, and fun.

How does your lifestyle reflect Quaintrellism? And, what does it mean to you?

My lifestyle reflects Quaintrellism as I live my life free of the pressure to conform. I am a unique, hardworking individual, and I strive to be successful, but my main goal in life is ultimately to be happy.

I definite style as comfort, personality and fun, however my mood is definitely reflected day by day in my "style". Personally I am all about comfort, but I believe comfort can still incorporate spunk, sass, and fun.

Thanks, Bhreagh! 

Do you know someone who should be highlighted in this series? Send us an email, or comment below!

March 16, 2014 by Meghan Finney

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