A few weeks ago we introduced a new blog series, A Day in the Life of a Quaintrelle.

Nothing makes our hearts flutter more than seeing and hearing about you finding an LQ item that bubbles your confidence, fills you with joy, and makes you shine. Over the past few years, our highlights have been our interactions with you in-store or online - helping you find that special outfit or that perfect gift. Over the past few years, you've become more than customers. You've become friends of LQ!

While we know what cut in a dress you prefer, and what colour makes you glow, we wanted to know more about YOU. How do you, our customers - our quaintrelles, spend your days? What inspiring things are you doing in your community? How do you live a quaintrelle life, and why?

Through this series we're learning more about our LQ community and we're sharing your stories of how you emphasize a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. 

Today we're getting to know Brittany Erickson, a researcher in the International and Aboriginal Affairs Department at Cape Breton University. 


First of all, what are you wearing?

I am wearing one of my favourite dresses from LQ (Along Your Travels Dress) with tights and brown knee high boots

What are some of your favourite pastimes?

I love to read. I was a university student for six years, so since graduating in the fall it has been great to get back into reading for pleasure. I also love going to spin and yoga classes and getting outside in the fresh air, preferably when it’s a bit warmer than -20. And just within the past year, becoming vegan has required me to become more experimental with food, so I am really enjoying cooking right now!

What are your favourite styles?

My bank account would say that I have too many favourite styles! My taste is quite versatile and my closet is a real mix of many different pieces, from tights and sweaters to skirts and blazers, though I would have to say that I feel the “most me” in a sundress and pair of sandals – weather permitting. I also really love anything with lace or ruffles, and I am an earring fanatic! I could, and have, scrolled through the “Women’s Fashion” section of Pinterest for hours, envisioning the closet of my dreams.

What is your definition of a Quaintrelle?

My definition of a Quaintrelle is a woman who can’t help but express herself through her style. She is confident in what she likes and enjoys sharing her personality through her favourite pieces.

How does your lifestyle reflect Quaintrellism? And, what does it mean to you?

I think that my style is very reflective of who I am – eclectic. I love opening my closet seeing all the different parts of my personality hanging next to each other. If I see something that I like, I buy it, and usually have the perfect place to wear it already in mind.

I also believe that fashion is extremely empowering. Deciding what you wear is deciding who you are. Personally, I try to support local businesses in the community whenever possible, so my pieces from LQ are not only beautiful, but for me serve a greater purpose.

For me “style” is defined as something that catches my eye. It is not a trend or fad, but a state of mind. I am an avid people watcher, and it is evident when a person is wearing something that they love. I think that if you can wear a piece that you love with confidence and poise then you most definitely have style.


Thanks so much for sharing, Brittany! 

Do you want to participate in this series? Send us an email at info@laquaintrelle.ca!

Written by Meghan Finney

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