Thrum Mittens


In an age when most manufacturers strive to cut costs and improve efficiency, it has become Northern Watter's goal to be about a hundred years behind the rest. While it might seem to be an odd achievement, it is the only way they know of fulfilling their main objective of creating the highest quality of knitwear in the world.

These mittens are knit by a group of skilled knitting grandmothers in Prince Edward Island, in their homes, using traditional methods and patterns. Every grandmother who knits the mitts signs their name to them, and their color combination is all one of a kind.

Ultra warm and durable, the mittens feature an English rib knit, British worsted wool (spun in the North of England) striped colour exterior, with unique luxuriant Merino roving lining inside, and a loose cuff. 

The artists take the extra time to ensure each item is of the utmost quality so that you will have a product that will last a lifetime. 


Please send us a message if you need any help in choosing the correct colour from the photos. We're here to help! :)