The Grumpus: And his Dastardly, Dreadful, Christmas Plan


Bestselling author-illustrator Alex T. Smith celebrates the true meaning of Christmas with a new, fantastically funny and festive adventure about a modern-day Grinch called the Grumpus.

Do you know about The Grumpus? And his Dastardly, Dreadful Christmas Plan? And the Awful Thing that happened at the North Pole on Christmas Eve?

Perhaps I should tell you about it...

This heartwarming story follows the adventures of an unlikely hero as he journeys to the North Pole, unwittingly - and somewhat reluctantly - making lots of new friends along the way.

This gorgeous hardcover has a festively foiled cover and stunning full-colour artwork. Destined to become a modern classic, 
The Grumpus is the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family to enjoy, and return to year after year.

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