Whipped Body Scrubs


Have you tried the Whipped Coconut Butter Body Scrub yet? 

This formula is like no other! Picture a texture like kinetic sand but with lots of scrubbing power mixed in a skin loving base of pure coconut butter that is whipped to a light, fluffy decadent body goodness for maximum 24 hour moisture. Your skin will thank you.  

TIP: Apply the scrub to your washcloth and then apply to your body. You will end up not dropping any product when transferring it to your body so no wasting of product. Also, the scrub is evenly distributed over your skin and you use a lot less of the product. Patting dry is also key to keep the moisture on your skin. The end result is baby soft, exfoliated skin that lasts until our next shower or bath. 


Island Vibes - Pineapple

Made in Cape Breton