Fable England - Blooming Light Weight Scarf


Featuring the flora of British summertime as its focus, our Blooming Toile print features clusters of delicate bouquets arranged amongst trailing vines, dotted with dragonflies, bees and butterflies. Imagine wrapping this scarf around your shoulders, feeling the whisper of a gentle breeze and the embrace of nature's charm. The same captivating Blooming Toile print can be found adorning a mini backpack, saddle bag, card purse, cosmetic pouch, and a jewelry box. Each piece, a testament to nature's artistry, invites you to carry a piece of the outdoors with you. Picture a display in your store where these Blooming treasures unite, forming a collection that embodies the essence of elegance and nature's splendor.

Key features:

Silk-like ultra-soft fabric

Length 180cm x Width 90cm

100% polyester modal

Hand wash separately

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