David Stepan - Sunflower 1/2" X 3/4" Rectangle Earring 6C Copper


Sunflower 1/2" x 3/4" rectangle earring (6C) in salvage copper with sterling silver ear wire. Sunflowers inspire happiness. They are the top-selling design in the nature series. I first developed these after I learned of the Roxbury Sunflower Project through the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.”We begin by giving away over 10,000 seeds to the public. Then we plant mini sunflower landscapes throughout Boston.” I was struck by the genius of that. I told my daughter ab the project, and she laughed. Then walked me down the street from her house and showed me the garden she planted in front of the bank. So in the summer, when I was at my waterfront market, I purchased a 22 lb bag of Sunflower seeds, divided it into hundreds of small coin envelopes. And I gave them away. The absolute delight, the joy, the smiles on people’s faces when I told them to go, be civilly disobedient, but in a positive way, was so very gratifying.