Manicure Pack - Nail Polish Duo - Base and top coats


This nail care duo includes a base coat and a top coat: the essentials for a long-lasting and flawless manicure.

BASE COAT: Fast drying, fortifying and protective base coat. Our vegan, 73% plant-based, 21-FREE and fast drying base coat allows you to have a long-lasting manicure without compromising the health of your nails. Fortifying and protecting, our base coat contains squalane, an extremely hydrating compound for revitalized nails. *Please note that this product has yellow color solution within its formula; in some instance, the yellow may exhibit and separate. This does not alter the performance of the product, just its appearance.

TOP COAT: Perfect glossy finish and hides imperfections. Our vegan, 78% plant-based, 21-FREE and fast drying top coat adds a perfect glossy finish to your manicure or pedicure and hides imperfections. It also contains a UV inhibitor which prevents yellowing. 2 x 15 ml