La Quaintrelle Contest & Promotion Rules

Please observe the following guidelines when participating in a La Quaintrelle contest or promotion!
  • All contests and promotions are governed by and subject to all applicable Canada federal, provincial and municipal laws.
  • Contests and promotions are open to all individuals regardless of country of residence, unless otherwise indicated in contest rules.
  • No purchase is necessary, unless otherwise indicated in contest details.
  • Discounts are not to be combined with any other La Quaintrelle offer.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor and must have a parent or legal guardian's consent before participating. By participating, you are confirming that you have this consent.
  • You may only enter each contest or promotion once, unless otherwise specified. Entries under different online identities do not qualify.
  • Winners of La Quaintrelle (or La Quaintrelle sponsored) giveaways are not eligible to win any additional La Quaintrelle prizes within 30 days of the contest won. 
  • Contest prizes are not eligible for exchanges.
  • Contest entries containing offensive or inappropriate material will be disqualified and removed. This may include (but is not limited to) demeaning language, profanity, and sexually explicit material.
  • La Quaintrelle claims ownership of all contest-generated content and reserves the right to use this content in any usage.
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