Our Commitment

La Quaintrelle works with small, handmade businesses across North America to bring you a unique and heartmade shopping experience. From scarves knit on a couch in Nova Scotia, to necklaces carved from wood in Louisiana, to watercolours dreamt of and brought to life in Northern B.C., a number of our products wear the “handmade” or “artisanal” label. Twenty-three and growing as of September 2015.

We know and understand that it is often easier (quicker, cheaper) to buy from a big box store, but this season we encourage you to buy differently. Each handmade purchase directly benefits the maker and their family, supports sustainable and ethical practices, and helps fill the world with more products made from the heart.

We’re a small, but growing company, and as we grow, so does our ability to support local and handmade. Help us spread the love.

Made in Cape Breton

Our Commitment

70% of each Made in Cape Breton purchase goes back directly to the maker. The remaining 30% helps LQ small business operations, meaning 100% of these sales stay in Cape Breton. Buying from this collection helps our local makers do more of what they're passionate about, and keeps critical dollars on our island to help support our economy.