SCARVES! The socially acceptable way to wear a blanket in your everyday life! There's no better season for the eternally cold! We can't promise that it will fix all your problems, but putting a scarf on it, certainly isn't going to make it worse! But, with all great accessory inventions, comes great responsibility. How do you even wear this snuggly piece of awesomeness you've just acquired?

Well as Buzz Lightyear would probably tell you, if you asked him about his scarves, the possibilities are to infinity and beyond! There's YouTube videos galore on the subject, probably even whole channels devoted to the tying of the scarf. But the top tip we can give you is: DON'T OVER THINK IT! Accessories in general are supposed to be fun! And the scarf is no different. That scarf wants you to have all the fun, AND all the snuggles. That scarf is the best!

Our favorites this season are over-sized blanket scarves (like the one pictured here on our little pixie, Melissa)! These are the proverbial holy grail for you snuggie supporters. We know you're out there, you wear your slipper socks all year round! But, the first thing we always hear is: It's TOO big! As any lady will tell you, it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it! 

A blanket scarf isn't just a scarf, it takes on the roll of a serious outerwear item. There's nothing more perfect for those transitional weather days that go from white walker near mornings to high garden courtyard tea all in the span of a few hours. Scarves are the weapon you need! Don't be intimidated by the size! The bigger the scarf, the more work it does for you! Drape that bad boy over your shoulders, and instantly you've added color and warm drama to any outfit. Add a little belt at the waist and you become a trendy boss lady.

Our Melissa is frolicking here in a rectangular over-sized lovely, but usually blanket scarves come in large squares. That then gives you even more simple options. Now you have the triangle fold option (a personal favorite), wear wrapped with the point in the front (our go-to scarf option), or with the point to the back for an on point shawl (see what I did there?). Hello fancy dress I try to wear when it's too chilly for no jacket, but you too fancy for my denim, and it's still too warm for the wool: Here's a scarf folded into a shawl! The least disappointing date you've ever had!

The ways to wear a scarf can be overwhelming. But, the reality is: it doesn't have to be complicated. Don't shy away from that classic scarf tying you've witnessed your Mom and Nan do in the past. Those still work here! They're on a larger scale, but they're still chic and fun, not to mention extra snuggly!

There are very few things that can take you from crunchy leaf walks, to a late season bonfire, to ice skating and hot chocolate, to snuggling on the couch! The blanket scarf is the reliable relationship you need in your life! Not to mention they come in all the colors and textures, with cool features like fringe and tassels! The easiest and most affordable way to add sass and warmth to any outfit! The most practical purchase you can make this season is throwing a couple of statement scarves into the mix! Tell that to your cheque book, then wrap yourself in a blanket scarf hug!
Written by Faith Farrell

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