How long has it been since you last wrote a handwritten note to someone you love?

There's always something nice about receiving a letter, especially these days when email, text, tweets, and status updates dominate our communication. It's a personal touch in a world where, despite always being turned on and tuned in, everything just kind of feels impersonal

We believe that sending real handwritten mail is more important now than ever.  In celebration of this tradition, we've rounded up 18 of our favourite reasons why we should more often pass over the ease of a text and pick up a pen. We have a treat at the end to help you get started, too.

1. Once received, the handwritten note becomes a lifetime keepsake. Pinned to your mirror, framed and hung on the wall, or tucked in between the pages of a book, a special note from somebody becomes a small flash of delight amongst your daily rituals.

2. A handwritten note from a friend or family member confirms the importance of your relationship. Taking the time and energy to put a message on paper, travel to a post office, and wait in anticipation, says "you matter to me".

3. The recipient feels appreciated and special. 

4. Giving is receiving. Research says writing a handwritten note makes you feel happier, too

5. Fact: It's a pleasant surprise to open your mailbox and it not be bills or coupons! Make someone's day.

6. Because love letters should never be a thing of the past.

7. Your words in a handwritten note can't be deleted or rewritten, so what you say is to the point and from the heart. It's a creative practice that shows all of your imperfect and messy edits. And it's okay (or even better) this way.

8. Stationery is much more beautiful than email.

9. It's not quick, nor convenient. But, we don't really need any more conveniences in life, do we? Sometimes things take longer and are harder to do, but they're better. And it's worth it. Handwriting requires you to slow down. It has your undivided, unplugged attention.

10. It's a chance to practice your handwriting. How is your cursive these days?

11. Writing a handwritten note is a pleasure for those of us with an affinity for the old-fashioned. 

12. It can be really fun! Find beautiful stationery, select a well-inked pen, decorate the envelope with interesting stamps or stickers, and maybe slip a photo or other small gift inside.

13. It speaks to older friends and family in a medium they cherish.

14. You can be completely anonymous, if you wish.

15. It doesn't demand an immediate response - or any.

16. From someone far away, it's like having a piece of them with you.

17. It's a bridge to the past. Spotting your friend's loopy cursive might transport you back to elementary school and passing notes in class. 

18. It's an opportunity to express something to someone that you wouldn't otherwise say out loud.

Inspired? We're happy to offer free shipping on any stationery order with code: sendmoremail. No expiration date; no IOU. Just promise you'll reach out to that certain someone and say a certain something, k? 

Written by Meghan Finney

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