I think our sweet new vendor takes the cake! ;) Say hello to Hello Sunshine Soaps, a handmade soap company from beautiful British Columbia.

For nearly a decade, owner/designer Kimberly has been formulating recipes and making soap and other bath and body care items while raising her children. On Valentine's Day she decided to take her creative hobby to market, and since then she's seen rapid growth. 

Kimberly relishes in the production aspect of her business. She strives to give every bright and beautiful treat a personal touch by designing, creating, and packaging them with her own two hands.  

Guided by the idea that what we buy should have value, worth, meaning and beauty, Kimberly takes great care in the detail of her products and hopes each and every one brings a small moment of joy to her customers, whether it's a single soap for your home, a unique gift for a friend, or 150 cupcakes for your wedding reception. 

These beautiful soaps have already brought much beauty to our shop, and we hope they do the same for you, too! Shop the entire Hello Sunshine at LQ.

Written by Meghan Finney

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