My jewelry is a result and extension of what can happen when my busy hands meet my playful heart. - Shannon, Moonlight For Violet

There's a new jewelry line in the shop and online and it's so pretty.

The hands and heart behind Moonlight For Violet is Shannon who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. Raised as a knitter and always encouraged to be creatively curious, Shannon began her business in 2009 with the aim of creating pieces that compliment what makes you uniquely you, and that quickly become your treasures.

Each of her items are filled with polymer clay. The small brass forms are filled and filed, and then adhered to 18 karat gold-plate bases.  

While Moonlight For Violet is best known for its collection of colourful geometric stud earrings, we're thrilled to partner with Shannon to bring you an array of easily wearable earrings and necklaces in a wide variety of colours and shapes.  

Visit us in the shop to see a line that is mostly playful, often bold, and always fun and easy to wear. Or, shop the entire collection online, here. We think you'll love it.


June 03, 2015 — Meghan Finney

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