Toy Maker of Lunenburg - Kids Canada Map Puzzle with Native Animals


Fun Canada map inlay puzzle with iconic native animals – handmade in Canada gift for children Discover iconic Canadian animals and the geography of Canada with this unique and challenging map puzzle. Handcrafted in Canada, this sturdy puzzle will provide hours of fun as both parents and children map out Canadian wildlife, such as the narwhal, puffin, bison, and more! When complete, lift the pieces to learn the regions of Canada. The lovely two-tone wood design also makes this puzzle a fun and educational piece of art. A perfect gift for your little explorer! The puzzle pieces consist of animals and Canadian icons. The bottom layer of the puzzle contains the Canada map with the Provinces boundaries and the Capital Cities of each Province.

Made from plywood

Recommended for Ages 4- 8

Dimensions (cm): 30 x 22 x 1 (11.3" x 8.5" x 0.5")

Weight: 0.3 kg