Maud Lewis Cat DIY Fibre Art Kit


What is in the Kit:

*High-quality, vibrant black soft & Chunky made in Canada Fibre

* Instructions: (ENGLISH and FRENCH) Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to help you create your masterpiece

*Pre-painted yellow doll eyes, filament for cats' whiskers

*Fibre Art Tool designed by Genius Premium Craft

*Twine for combining fibre shapes.

*Packaged in a very colorful wrapped gift box, perfect for gift giving!

Step 1: Prepare your workspace. Find a clean, flat surface to work on. Lay out your materials.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the design. Take a moment to examine the instructions

Step 3: Start creating!

Step 4: Complete your artwork. Take a step back and admire your work as it comes to life, capturing the playful essence of Maud Lewis's Three Black Cats masterpieces.

Step 6: Enjoy and share. Once your DIY Maud Lewis Three Black Cat artwork is fully dried, find the perfect spot to display it. I attached mine to a piece of driftwood I found at the beach in Lawrencetown Nova Scotia! I just love it!!

Share your creation with family and friends, and let them marvel at your new crafting abilities!

Bring a touch of Maud Lewis's whimsical charm into your home with our DIY Three Black Cat Fibre Art Kit. Unleash your artistic side, create a stunning piece, and revel in the joy of crafting.

Who is Maud Lewis?

Maud Lewis (1903-1970) was a Canadian folk artist known for her distinctive and colorful paintings of rural life in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is particularly renowned for her simple, yet charming depictions of landscapes, animals, and everyday scenes. Maud Lewis lived most of her life in poverty and struggled with physical disabilities, including severe arthritis, which made it difficult for her to move. Despite these challenges, she continued to paint and sell her artwork.

Maud Lewis gained recognition for her art when her paintings were discovered by a local art collector, and her work began to gain popularity in the 1960s. Her art has since become highly sought after, and her story has been the subject of books, documentaries, and even a feature film titled "Maudie."

Today, Maud Lewis is considered one of Canada's most celebrated folk artists, and her paintings are treasured for their unique style and the glimpse they offer into rural life in Nova Scotia during the mid-20th century. Many of her works are displayed in museums and private collections, preserving her legacy as an important figure in Canadian art history.