Lighthouse Tattoo Oil


Helps heal new tattoos – Restores and brightens old tattoos

Lighthouse Tattoo Oil is hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients. This oil will help moisturize, protect, and accelerate the healing process for new tattoos. It will also enhance old tattoos, making them pop as if they’re brand new. With your ink looking its best, the only thing left to do is get another tattoo!

Sharpen Your Ink With Lighthouse Tattoo Oil

  • Instantly brightens your tattoos by deeply nourishing and hydrating your skin
  • Protects your ink from premature fading
  • Improves your skins long term health by feeding it the essential nutrients it needs to repair and regenerate.  Healthier skin = More detailed and vibrant tattoos
  • Fresh, light, and clean all-natural fragrance. No synthetic fragrance chemicals.


Sweet Almond Oil - Full of Vitamins A, B, and E. This will help keep your tattoo vibrant. Grape Seed Oil - This is an excellent moisturizer for healing fresh tattoos. It's light, gentle and easily absorbed through your skin. Grape seed oil contains essential fatty acids that will help to repair the skin. It also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
Avocado Oil - Rich in vitamins A, D and E which is great for anti-aging because of its ability to absorb into the tissue of the skin. It is also high in sterolins, which help to reduce color loss with age or sun damage. 
Lavender - A natural pain reliever and soothing oil. A fresh tattoo can become inflamed and painful, lavender oil will not only ease the physical pain, but its calming properties will also help with any anxiety or discomfort. Lavender also carries an SPF, which helps to protect new tattoos from sun damage. 
Frankincense - Help in the healing process and protects from infection. 
Bergamot - Help to purify and disinfect new tattoos, keeping the area clean from harmful germs and bacteria.