Who is Loloi?

Loloi Rugs are headquartered in Dallas, TX, and are one of the leading rug companies in the industry boasting an extensive catalogue of rugs made the old-world way. "Rugs for particular people, by particular people" as they so elegantly put it. They carefully consider craftsmanship, design, colour, and current home decor trends when creating their lines, and often partner with big names in the interior design world such as Chris and Julia Marcum, Joanna Gaines, and Justine Blakeney. Their rugs are designed to be the finishing touch to any room, and add thoughtful texture and beauty wherever they're lain. 

What materials are used in making Loloi rugs?

Materials used range from durable polyester to timeless wool, allowing Loloi rugs to speak to both everyday living and luxurious moments. Their hand-knotted collection of rugs has been certified by GoodWeave —a non-profit organization that audits their factories in India, ensuring no child, bonded, or forced labour is used in their making. These rugs are crafted by artisans using traditional loom techniques and therefore knotted by hand with extreme precision.

A large collection of their rugs are created using advanced digital printing technology. Images are taken of beautiful vintage and antique rugs, and then replicated using an inventive process that ends with printing onto a soft polyester base. These rugs exude the look and feel of a one-of-a-kind vintage rug without the price tag, and make excellent choices for busy households and families. They're durable, never shed, affordable, and easy to clean. Please see individual listings for each rug's material composition.

What rugs are available in your North Sydney storefront?

We offer a selection of rugs in a range of sizes at our brick and mortar, as well as samples of our online inventory. Rugs available in-store to pick up today are identified under each listing as "available in-store".

If you’re not finding the exact size and style you want in our storefront or on our website, we have access to the entirety of the Loloi catalogue and would be happy to order anything for you! 

If I buy a rug online via your website, when will I expect to receive it?

Our Loloi Rug Collection ships directly from Loloi, and will arrive to your home within 2-4 weeks. No duty or import fees will be charged for those residing in Canada. Due to popular demand, sometimes certain styles and sizes are on backorder: these rugs will arrive to your home 2-4 weeks after their advertised ship date.