I wear a half-size and the shoes are whole sizes. Which size is right for me?

Since the leather will stretch slightly and soften with wear, most of our half-size wearing customers find success choosing the smaller of the two sizes they are in between. All measurements are taken from the white stitching around the sole, measuring between the heel and toe stitches, not the full length of the shoe's sole. This helps to ensure your foot will fit within the shoes and not out to the edge of the sole.

What if I have a wide or narrow foot?

All styles run true to US size with standard widths. Those with narrow feet usually find success with sizing down and/or the ankle strap style.

How do I care for my shoes?

We recommend using an all-natural leather cleaning agent and a microfiber cloth to buff out minor stains. We do not recommend any specific brands, so the products you choose to use are at your own discretion as we have not tested them. Leather should always be allowed to dry naturally and away from direct sunlight or heat as both can damage the damp leather. For cleaning the inside (footbed) of the shoe, we use a natural/ fragrance-free baby wipe. To weatherproof your shoes, we suggest using a water and stain repellent non-silicone leather spray. Place a towel or cloth inside the shoe to cover the sole before spraying the shoes. 

Are PONS shoes sustainable?

Made since 1945 on the Spanish island of Menorca, PONS are ethically made by hand with sustainability and longevity in mind. The raw materials are all sourced locally in Spain, including the rubber sole (the classic style features a sole made from 10% recycled tires) and the high-quality natural vecchio leather— which is sourced from ethically raised livestock. Available in 40+ different color ways, PONS are chrome dyed to strict EU REACH standards. The PONS workshop (in Ciutadella) is owned and operated by the third-generation of the PONS family and employs about a dozen local craftspeople, some who have spent their entire adult lives honing their shoemaking craft.