We're just a bunch of mother lovers over at La Quaintrelle! And who could blame us, she does it all. She's the real MVP. Your whole life she's been there, picking you up each time you fall. From the time you were a wee babe toddling, to now. If there was someone to answer that one phone call they give you, you know it's her. 
Sometimes it's hard to put into words just exactly what she means to you.

She's the best friend the universe built into your life. She's the one who answers with Sophia snark when you're having a saucy Dorothy day. Like Sophia always said, "It's not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it."

When you get right down to it, your Mom is cool. Cooler than you'd like to admit sometimes. The bonafide cat's pajamas. 
There's just some days where she is the only person you want to talk to. The only person you can yell at without them taking it personally. 

Think of all the things she's championed just for you. That time she stayed up all night making individual Christmas cookies for everyone in your grade three class. All of your school projects she some how ended up gluing together. That last minute Halloween costume she tacked together out of an old sheet because you couldn't decide what you wanted to be. That kinda woman is plain fantastical. 

She deserves the biggest hug. And let's be honest. There ain't no hug, like a Mom Hug. 

She's the one answering all anxiety fueled texts throughout the day and night. She's the one you check your WebMD diagnosis with. The one who can tell you how long to cook a piece of chicken so you don't get salmonella, before Alexa or Google ever could. She's the one who can give you step by step instructions on how to use a washing machine, she herself has never actually seen. 

She's your biggest cheerleader always. In all things. And though you should sing her praises more often, today you're doing it big. Yell it from the roof tops: "THAT'S MY MOM!"
If we're honest, on some nights we were the reason she had that extra glass of wine. She'll also tell you that we are also responsible for that prominent grey streak she covers once a month. 

Even though we don't like to admit it, sometimes she was right. Okay about almost everything. Maybe even everything. Including that boy she didn't like that you dated in high school...what were you thinking?


Even though you swore you would never become your mother, there are times when you hear her voice come out of your lips. And there will be days you realize you didn't just inherit that butt that looks cute in jeans, but some of that familial psychosis. It's important to pass on traditions. 

And when you look back on everything you have been through together, you really couldn't make it up. 

You just wouldn't be you without her. And in sight of all that is humble, her life just wouldn't be the same without you. 


And all of this is really just to say thank you. Thanks for letting us take up womb. You know, physically for at least nine months. But in our hearts? Forever. Plus all that time we spent holed up on your couch, eating your food, drinking your wine, and watching your cable. 

Thank you for putting up with our shit. Lord knows there's been times when we've really put you through your paces (hello teenage angst ridden years).

So thank your mother loving stars you have that Shero guiding you through this crazy thing called Life. 

Thank her for teaching you All. Of. The.Things. How to cross the street by looking both ways. How to feed and clothe yourself. How to be a strong, independent woman. From how to properly fold a towel, to how to beat a gentleman at quarters. Most importantly, how to get back up and dust yourself off, and how to hope. Thank her for raising a little badass, by leading with a badass example.

There's just no one quite like your mother. So thank her from the bottom of your heart. 

And if someday you have children of your own, know that if you do it right, some Mother's day your children may post your picture on the internet. The only thing bigger than our moms' hair, is their Badassness. 

 (Meghan and her Mom)

(Faith and her Mom)

(Melissa and her Mom) 

Written by Faith Farrell

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