Ah, Wedding Season. That time of year when every magnet you've ever managed to take home from both exotic and domestic locations, pins squares of shiny potential all over that fridge of yours. You carefully put your best ensembles on rotation, which includes raiding all close closets. You scientifically test which of your clutches can contain all necessities...including a comfortable pair of flats. At this point you may feel like a seasoned veteran. But, let's be honest, you're always up to making wedding attendance smarter, not harder. 



 1. Get those RSVPs in!

 How nice! You've been chosen as tribute...I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid. But, you've been declared important enough to receive an invitation. And wouldn't you know it, you've also been garnered important enough to be fed. That means, that little Bride and Groom need to know how much food they'll need. Let's be honest that's a long day, and it doesn't matter how many stuffed chicken breasts you've had this season, you need that free meal ticket. All good wedding guests know setting a base for that reception is key to success. I mean they already put a stamp on it, get that puppy to the mail box.



 2. Be on Time. 

There is a time to be fashionably late...weddings aren't really one of them. I mean it's one thing to take your shoes off and tuck and roll into the back of your friend's outdoor farm wedding. It's another thing to accidentally slam that ancient church door to the words, "or forever hold your peace." Girl, they thought you were Becky with the good hair, showing up and taking names. That's not how you want to go down in wedding history. Heck, get there early. 


3. Avoid wearing white.  

This seems like it would go without saying. But there will always be that associate in your friend group that says, "are you sure I can't just wear this dress? It's more of an off white. It's almost beige." No Heather. You can't. Of all the traditions we seem to get away from, that just isn't one of them (unless otherwise indicated on the invitation). And you don't want to be that girl. People don't forget. They won't remember what the Bride herself wore, but by Beyonce they'll remember that little faux pas of yours. 

*The good news is, it also used to be that you couldn't wear black either. The sensitive Bride becoming offended by the funeral chic look. But every girl loves a good little black dress, so we shattered that stipulation (next the glass ceiling). So get Gothic and wear your best black. Also if you mourn that your gal pal is marrying Berkley with the ham hands, and sub par IQ...this is a peaceful way to share your grief with the world... 


4. Be cool trying to nab the best snapshot.

Odds are the happy couple have probably hired a photographer to immortalize the big day. That's a trained professional. Someone with one of those big cameras with the million times zoom and an assistant. If that professional is not you, if you have received no professional training, get the heck out of the way. Roberta doesn't want to look back through her wedding album only to see your phone blocking her face, because you were in a battle with your girlfriends on who could get the best freelance shot or Instagram story. Think about unplugging, and being completely present in your friend's moment. The real framers are going to be the ones you take at the reception later, trust me. 


5. Do bring a card or gift. 

I get it, times are tough. You're an adult, out in that mad, mad world on your own dollar. You have to feed your dog. Your cat demands wet food. But, long gone are the days where you can just show up bringing that winning personality. And though someone's grumpy aunt might tell you different, we're firm believers that it is the thought that counts. Bring at least a card, I'm sure you're local dollar store has many lovely selections. And no matter what you put in it, it's the thought that counts. Some morning after, that newly wed couple is going to fall on their knees in gratitude that you enclosed a regifted 20 dollar McDonald's gift card in your wedding stationery offering. 

*If not, ancient wedding cannon dictates that you have one year to show up with a gift. Get something on sale.  


6. Keep negative comments to yourself. 

Yes, a large gathering like a wedding is often the breeding ground for sarcasm and snark. And you might not be able to understand why Abigail dressed her wiener dogs in flower crowns, and walked them down the isle in lieu of a bouquet...but that's okay. It's Abigail's day. And if she's about wiener dogs in flower crowns, so be it. Everyone is trying their best. Those wiener dogs are trying to keep it together. Rule of thumb is everyone always likes Nice Nancy so much more than Negative Nancy. Negative Nancy doesn't get invited to parties. No stuffed chicken breast for Negative Nancy. 


7. Don't monopolize the Bride and Groom's time. 

They are the main event after all. Folks have traveled far and wide for this. They owe everyone a little face time, all two hundred and fifty of them. So don't hog them. Give them an old "OOOO" "AAAHHHH" and a couple of hugs. They have to make their rounds so they can lead their best lives on the dance floor later. 


8. Mix and mingle. 

We know you and your high school clique laugh about your slogan "no new friends." But weddings are excellent places for friend/family groups to overlap and create sheer awesomeness. You feel powerful when your life friends end up liking your work friends, and vice versa. You're a friend matchmaker from heaven. So help the old Bride and Groom out. Yes you'll be on Grandpa's Beer Pong team pre-supper while the Bride and Groom are gone for sunset pictures. Be a born mingler. 


9. Monitor your cocktails. 

I know, you came here to party. And I know that pint of Fireball fits so neatly in your clutch next to your emergency flip flops. We're all for letting loose. But, just a PSA: don't be that girl. You know the one that fell out of her shoes on the dance floor. Three inch heels didn't seem that high, until you fell three inches without putting your hands out in front of you. Don't be the girl that passes out at her table, before the midnight pizzas come. And don't be the girl that drinks too much and ends up crying in the bathroom. You're getting older now, take your time, and don't forget to hydrate.  


10. Leave it all on the dance floor.


People will forget the vows that were said. People will forget what color the bridesmaids wore. People will forget what they ate. But what they will never forget the time that they had. Help out your Bride and Groom by leaving it all the dance floor. Weddings are make or break by the dance floor vibes. This is the moment you've been waiting for. Get it, Girl!


Majority of photo inspiration provided by our LQ Courtney Mackenzie of her big day! Taken by Hind Hart Studios. 


Written by Faith Farrell

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