It's our pleasure to introduce to you a new addition to our store-front, beautiful upcycled candles with a purpose, otherwise known as The Circular Season. Proudly produced by Krista Montelpare, you may know her as the owner of Cellary Vintage - Nostalgic mid-century serving ware and décor.

The Circular Season is a collection of soy wax candles made from upcycled vintage and heritage vessels. They are made with dried florals, so even though they are made without added fragrance, as the wax heats up, the dried florals release a gentle botanic aroma.

Krista moved to Glace Bay in 2019 and fell in love with life by the sea. She is passionate about sustainability and believes the circular economy is a crucial component to mindful consumerism. She has been upcycling candles for around 10 years to give to friends but has recently observed a notable shift in the appreciation for mid-century classic and vintage aesthetics. Krista decided to embrace the enthusiasm and release additional re-purposed, upcycled candles for others to enjoy, and we believe you will enjoy them too!

"Many of us are familiar with those oft-forgotten items like mid-century glassware, earthenware crocks, and stunning silver pieces left languishing on a shelf, despite their aesthetic appeal. The Circular Season candles breathe new life and purpose into mismatched and under-appreciated vessels and containers to be enjoyed once again"

- Krista Montelpare

Written by Annie Pero

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