There’s a face and a heart behind every business name. Today we’re introducing you to Farrah of Canapa Candle, a small-batch candle company based in beautiful Louisbourg, N.S. Enjoy!

Who is Canapa Candle?

Hi! I’m Farrah Aspinall-Renaud, the owner and candle maker at Canapa Candle, based in the beautiful fishing village of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. We are a small batch candle company, where all of our fragrances are hand mixed to create uniquely scented soy candles and wax melts. We work with high quality, clean burning, plant based ingredients. 

What lead you to candle-making?

I prefer to avoid products with added chemicals, like paraffin candles. In the summer of 2021, I decided to create a candle that was made naturally with botanical ingredients. I spent months testing waxes, wicks and jars, there was lots of trial and error. Finally I developed a formula that was perfect and we launched that year in December.

What inspires you to hit the ground running each morning? 

Being an entrepreneur in Canada can be tough, but also very rewarding. Naturally I am inspired by other business owners. I love surrounding myself with folks who hustle, are innovative, and constantly strive to grow in the world of entrepreneurship. 

What does your creative process look like?

We hand mix all of our fragrances to create wonderfully scented candles. My goal is to create a candle that is unique to our brand, something you won't recognize anywhere else. The process begins by mapping out different scent notes and understanding what can pair well together. From there I'll hand mix several fragrances together and then move to testing them in a candle.

What does running your own business mean to you?

Being a business owner is a journey. You are constantly learning, expanding ideas and encouraging others in their own space as well. Recently I left my career at a Canadian commerce company called Shopify to operate my business full time. So far this year I have gained three new stockists and moved into my own studio space. 

What’s something about your business that most people wouldn’t know?

I worked a full time job while operating Canapa Candle out of my kitchen. I started making candles with the double boiler method on my kitchen stove before moving to a wax warmer system, which I would setup on my counter and I'd pour my candles on my kitchen table. I did this for a year before finally moving into my own studio space in Lousibourg.

When you’re not working, what is your favourite thing to be doing?

When I am not making candles, I am taking care of my newborn baby, Marina. She is such a joy and my future little helper in the candle studio. I am a big fan of self care days, visiting with family and exploring our beautiful Cape Breton Island.

Thanks, Farrah! Find her beautiful soy candles and melts in-store and online now. 

Written by Meghan Finney

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