Nothing makes our hearts flutter more than seeing and hearing about you finding an LQ item that bubbles your confidence, fills you with joy, and makes you shine! Over the past few years, our highlights have been our interactions with you in-store or online - helping you find that special outfit or that perfect gift. Over the past few years, you've become more than customers. You've become friends of LQ!

In the A Day In The Life Of A Quaintrelle series, we're getting to know more about YOU. How do you, our customers - our quaintrelles, spend your days? What inspiring things are you doing in your community? How do you live a quaintrelle life, and why?

We're excited to learn more about our community and to share your stories of how you emphasize a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. 

Today we're getting to know Amber Lovell, a bright, friendly and familiar face at the shop! 

Amber is a 22 year old CBU student and Small Business owner! After a brief hiatus from the University scene, she is currently taking a Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies with a concentration in Communication. And is all set to graduate in the Spring!

When she first began her journey at CBU, it was mid way through her degree program that she realized that what she really wanted, was to be a Hair Stylist. She took a break from CBU and followed her dream to the Hair Design Centre! 

After graduating from the HDC, Amber didn't like the atmosphere of her stylist job. The average Salon Ideal, just didn't work for her, and she wanted to change it. She wanted something more comfortable and relaxed. Not only for herself, but for her clients as well! And just like that The Babe Cave Hair Boutique was born!

When asked about her journey, Amber said with a big smile, "I wouldn't be able to live my dream life without my clients, who are my biggest supporters and I am extremely grateful!" 

First of all, what are you wearing?

In these photos I'm wearing the Lounge Sweater (which I 100% own in all four colours - sherbet, charcoal, heather grey and taupe), the checkered scarf (unsure of the name), the collegiate scarf, and the New Season Sweater in mustard. 

What is your current or past favorite LQ item? 
My favourite pieces in my closet are my lounge sweaters and the checkered scarf! I wear them both on a weekly (sometimes daily lol) basis! So comfortable and cute, they give me the confidence to have a good day!

What are some of your favorite pastimes? 

 My favourite pastimes other than doing hair and or makeup would definitely be music, whether I'm jamming out in my room singing some Ed Sheeran or posting videos on the internet. If I'm not shopping or playing music you can find me at a cafe buried in my laptop with a latte.


What are your favorite styles? 

My favourite styles tend to vary. My everyday style tends to be more cozy yet still chic (which LaQuaintrelle makes very simple for me) or when I'm doing something important I stick to more of a simple business casual.

What is your definition of a Quaintrelle? 

For me to define Quaintrelle, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely passion. Living your life through being genuinely passionate has been a huge lesson in the last year for me. A woman with a passion for something will let nothing get in her way.

How does your life reflect Quaintrellism? And, what does it mean to you?

I live my life daily with Quaintrellism in mind. I am very passionate about my work and having the ability to make someone feel genuinely beautiful is something I get to do everyday. I also love to express myself through the clothes that I wear. La Quaintrelle clothing provides me with the confidence I need to be myself and to be comfortable in new situations. I truly believe in the phrase "look good, feel good, do good" and I am very thankful that I have a place to go to buy my clothes to feel that way. Having a certain charm about myself is something I try to take pride in, being kindhearted in everything I do is really important for me! Getting to know the girls at LaQuaintrelle has actually helped me shape the business woman I am today, I am so very grateful for the store, the girls, and living through Quaintrellism every single day! 

 Thanks, Amber! 

Do you know someone who should be highlighted in this series? Send us an email, or comment below!


Written by Melissa MacGillivary

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