Blanket scarves are giant warm, cozy and comfortable scarves. They’re one of our favorite trends of the fall and winter season this year. We have seen them used as scarves, makeshift ponchos or capes, shawls, and more!

Although they are quite versatile, blanket scarves can be hard to figure out. We’ve got you covered with different style tips on how to wear blanket scarves!

 Wrap it!

Loop the scarf around your neck a few times, leaving you with the biggest, comfiest scarf around. 

Twist your blanket scarf around your neck, leaving the ends loose like a layered necklace.

Tie the ends of a blanket scarf together and loop it behind your neck for an over-sized bandanna look. 

Wrap your scarf around your shoulders, then cinch it together at the waist with a belt so it looks like a poncho!

Drape it!

Simply drape your scarf around your shoulders like a chic cape.

You can also drape it over your shoulders, then tie the ends at the front of your neck for a different style cape!

Written by Kendra White

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