Hosting a get-together this summer? Sofa chats and kitchen gatherings are always a hit, but why not put a spin on your party and try something new? Here are 4 themes you can try this summer at home! 

Flower Potting Party

Who doesn’t love fresh blooms around their home? Here’s a few ideas how to host a party with a few of your girlfriends and get a new potted arrangement out of it!

  1. Get a group of friends, each bringing their own pot, potting soil, and some flowers. Pots can be found at dollar stores or check out home improvement stores for more options. This works best if you choose flowers that come in multiple packs so they can be divided easier.

  2. Divide the flowers, grab your favorites, and start potting. Each of you will have a flower pot full of gorgeous blooms!

Outside Movie Night

If you have access to a projector and a white sheet, you can pull this off!

  1. Plan for a clear night, hopefully not too cold, but offer guests blankets to snuggle up.

  2. String lights in your backyard, to create a stunning backdrop. Twinkle lights are always a good idea.

  3. Offer guests movie snack favorites. Oh Happy Day has some great printables to use!
Moroccan Party

Think purples, pinks and gold to get this party started.

  1. Lanterns are a must and look beautiful lit up at night. You can use old cans or jars to create inexpensive options. Check out these mason jar tutorials here & here.

  2. If you have a gazebo, dress it up with bright fabrics to create a colorful tent look.

  3. Bring rugs, blankets and pillows outside for guest seating.

Adult Summer Camp

Remember summer camp when you were younger? Now, it doesn’t have to be just for kids - because who doesn’t love campfires and s’mores?

  1. Serve savory camp style foods. I can remember mac and cheese and sloppy joes.

  2. Purchase cheap stainless steel water bottles and write guests names on them. They can fill with whatever they choose! This can also act as a party favor.

  3. Why not keep those beverages cold in an old metal bin?

  4. Offer guests the option to make their own snacks at a trail mix or s’mores bar. Choose your favorite toppings and come up with some fun combos. Don’t forget the roasting sticks!

  5. And last but not least, a summer camp isn’t complete without a campfire. Have blankets on hand to keep guests warm. Bonus points if someone brings a guitar!

Are you hosting any parties this summer? Will you have a theme? Tell us all about it. Happy planning!

Written by Meghan Finney

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