No, thank you, not these flowers.

If we wear it, it will come, right? (Spring.)

Maybe I should have opened a snow suit store.

We're digging out from a snow fall this past weekend and are expecting yet another today, so I thought we could all appreciate a look at these beautiful florals, even if they are just fabric florals for now. 


These lovely dresses (among others) will arrive within the next few weeks, so check back! Who's ready?

Written by Meghan Finney


Me too, Melissa! I’m a big winter fan, but there’s a time and a place. :)

Meghan on Apr 19, 2015

Just seeing this blog post makes me happy! I actually Love being outdoors in winter and winter sports, but even I am SO over this weather!! I cant wait to see these dresses in the online store!

Melissa Currie on Mar 31, 2015

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