It's coming. The night's creeping in earlier and earlier, and you might have to put on a sweater in the evening because it feels a little Fall-ish

Confession: I've had my boots out for weeks. I have visions for my colourful tights, and I can't wait to not see my neck for another ten months because it's wrapped in a warm, snuggly scarf (!). 

While the air does get a little more chilly, there's no need to shed a tear, wave a white flag, and plunge head first into a boring sea of black and grey. No... Fall can - and should! - be fun, and this year, Mata Traders is making is eeeeasy peasy. 

In the coming week(s) the MT Fall collection will arrive, and you can tell they had fun with it because it's ruled by unique prints and pairings of colours. The standard blacks and greys can be found instead in lace, mesh, and really cute pleats. 

This season I'm also excited to expand upon our styles. LQ is predominantly a dress shop, but this Fall I've added in blouses and stylish A-line and pencil skirts. Some of you expressed interest in dresses that hit at the knee or below, so in this line you'll see some of just that.

A peek at what's to come:

+ English Lit Skirt

+ Maeve Dress

+ Jewel of the Nile Necklace

Check back soon for the complete (fair-trade and handmade) collection, and let's soak up the last of the summer rays, shall we?


Written by Meghan Finney

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