When we opened back in summer 2011, Effie's Heart was one of the first designer lines we brought into the shop. Almost four years later, their pieces continue to be some of our (and your) favourites.

You can always spot Effie's Heart in a crowd: The unusually longer hem, the fit and flare cut, the always eye-catching print. 

What I love most about Effie's Heart is that they dare to be different. They're not afraid to produce a dress with a ballerina print, a pant with a crinoline, or a cardigan with a cape. They're not afraid to go against the grain.

I always look forward to the first peek at their upcoming season's line, because without fail, I'm pleasantly surprised and in awe of their ability to come up with new cuts, colour schemes, and funky prints, season after season. In this industry where trends come and go seemingly (and sometimes literally) overnight, you can always count on Effie's Heart to be steadfastly themselves. 

Kimo, the founder, has a lust for easy living, an appreciation of eclectic beauty, and a taste for the finer things of fashion’s past. As a fashion adventurist who believes in the accessibility of style, Kimo has created a line wearable by any modern woman who believes that comfort can be bed-mates with fashion. Using color palettes inspired by antique catalogs, art history, nature, and vintage clothing, Kimo has painted a fashion canvas that is both endearing and unique.

Kimo introduced Effie’s Heart to all those who believe there is still room for original inspiration.

So, who is "Effie", anyway?

Kimo's Aunt Effie was born in 1937 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and had a lust for life that she passed down through generations. Effie died before Kimo was born, but she got to know her through the wild and colorful stories that her mother would tell her as a child. One such story was a time that she'd snuck her mother and her sisters into a drive-in movie in the trunk of her 55 Bel Air to save money on tickets. She played the guitar, threw crazy theme parties, and hand made all of her clothing.

Although Kimo had never met her aunt, it was obvious to her that she was one of a kind, and lived life to its fullest. The company bares her name in honor of this spirit.

Fun facts:

  • Artists create hand-produced images for seasonal and themed collections resulting in prints, fabrics and styles that are absolutely one-of-a-kind and irresistibly offbeat.
  • Effie’s Heart makes each season’s color palette connect with the next to ensure your garments coordinate season after season, giving your clothing longevity and versatility in style. 
  • The clothing represents what Kimo's Aunt Effie represented to her family and friends: good times, good fun, living life to its fullest, and encouragement.

LQ is pleased to now have a selection of Effie's Heart's newest collection in-store and online. Take a peek at the pieces that have been so-lovingly made in honour of all the fun and funky fashion adventurists in your life, or within yourself!

Written by Meghan Finney

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