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Wildcrafted Facial Steam


We hand gathered this earthy blend of herbs, roots, and berries from the wild, known for their hydrating properties, and dried them for you to use as a soothing winter treat for your skin. 

Facial steams are an excellent way to relax, clear your sinuses, and prepare your skin for a facial mask or deep cleanse. Adding boiling water to this botanical blend releases the plant oils into the steam, while opening your pores to receive the oils.

  • Wild Licorice root
  • Comfrey leaves
  • Juniper berries
  • Juniper leaf
  • Calendula flowers
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils of clove bud, blood orange, and fir needle.
How to use

Cover 2-3 tablespoons with boiling water in a large bowl. Use a towel over your head to trap the steam and hold your face above the bowl for 5-15 minutes. Follow up with our Plains Mud Mask for a deep, detoxifying cleanse, or our Yarrow + Lavender Cleansing Grains for gentle exfoliation.