The Swallow Enamel Pin


An enamel pin designed by the artist; measure 1.25” across the wings. The swallow is a special character in Briana’s latest picture book, “Wildflower”.

The pin sits on a backing card with a lovely scene of a house by the sea and a field of flowers. The back of this card explains the symbolism of the swallow:

The Swallow

Briana’s latest children’s book “Wildflower”, (Nimbus, 2021) is a retelling of the story of Thumbelina. In her interpretation of the story, the swallow character is ever-present, looking over the main character throughout her journey. The swallow represents the spirit of the mother, always protecting, worrying about, and loving her daughter, whether they are in the same place or not.

For the ancient Romans, the swallow symbolized a mother’s sorrow and the swallow was believed to carry the souls of lost children. The ancient Greeks related a swallow with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Many folktales associate the swallow with the cyclical return of spring, birth, and protection.

Share this pin with someone you look after; someone that is your own protector, or someone you love even though you are far apart.