The Play Set in Midnight Black


Are you PLAYing your fav song and rocking out? Or on your way to a PLAY date with your mini? Or maybe about to PLAY your bestie in a riveting game of Scrabble? Well your perfect PLAY uniform has just come in and it’s calling your name! Just pair it with the Play Set Pants and Bob’s your uncle!

Available in our signature Rayon from Bamboo and Cotton blend in Midnight Black - this top is slightly cropped, beautifully boxy, and entirely foxy! … What?! It is! And so are you… we call it like we see it! 

These wide leg, cropped pants are simple, elegant, and PLAYful of course! The slightly wider 2 inch waist band is just enough so that you feel contained, but not so much that you feel uncomfortable - trust me, we tested that… for reals!