Kids' Edelweiss Surprise Slippers


Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? Skip back to nature in Pixi Perfect slippers! Blossoms, berries and beetles... all beautifully made. Super soft and cosy, perfect for little spring imps and elves. Small and white clean and bright....Pretty white and cream flowers decorate simple pastel boots. A lovely plump ladybird rests happily before flying away home.

Sew Heart Felt slippers are created in the land of Kathmandu by clever ladies who shape organic wool by hand with soap, water and a sprinkle of genius. Delicately sewn features and tasty clover leaf snack bring the cheeky Percy to life while cross stitched, soft suede anti-slip soles make them totally toe-tastic!

Sizes available:

UK 10, EU 28 (age 4-5 years)

UK 8, EU 25 (age 2-3 years)

UK 4, EU 22 (age 1-2 years)