Pick Keeper - Phee's Original Goods


Don't get caught pick-less again! It's a pretty unsuspecting little keyring until you need a guitar pick and BAM there it is. What a sidekick. Due to their size, we're able to use up a chunk of our off cuts leading to less waste. Included with every keychain is one Ernie Ball soft guitar pick and plenty space for your the rest of yer favourites.


These Goods are made by hand in their Sydney workshop. They source their leather from Wickett and Craig - a tannery out of PA, USA who've been at it since 1867. They use traditional methods of tanning to bring out the best in the hide, giving us a premium product to work with. The full-grain veg-tan leather patinas beautiful, and will tell your story as it ages. They cut and stamp the Goods all by hand. Each pick keeper comes with a 0.81mm celluloid guitar pick with Phee's logo.