Love Note Candle


A lovely Annapolis apple base, sweetly blended with clove & hints of warm spice. • Comes in reusable glass vessel with white metal lid • Non-toxic, sustainably sourced, 100% natural soy wax • 8 oz • 40+ hours burn time (with trimmed wick) • Our candles are free of harmful phthalates, parabens, lead and other toxic chemicals • We hand-pour our candles with love, care & salty air in Halifax, NS Candle Care: • The first time you burn your candle, be sure to allow for a 2 hour burn, so that your melt pool goes all the way across the top - this allows for no tunneling in the wax, so you'll get a long-lasting even burn! • Trim your wick to 1/8" before every burn, this ensures a clean, long-lasting burn! • Our labels can be easily removed by running your candle under hot water when you're finished with it. Re-use your glass vessel or you can return the jar to us at our studio on Willow Street to be re-loved!