Pansy Thank You Card


Bluberry Canvas is a stationery and paper goods company based in Montreal, found­ed by Christopher Burkart & Hillary Ting in May of 2017.

Their humble beginnings are rooted within their family and home life, where all of their inspiration comes from. From morning to night, there is a constant flow of adventurous energy, and along with it a feeling of endless possibility. This is the kind of feeling they want to convey in each person that writes in their greeting card or jots down an idea on their notepad: freedom to be expressive and fulfill their natural desire to be creative.

With this philosophy in mind, they offer a variety of original paper goods that are designed to be as functional as they are beautiful, and are created with the belief that life’s most treasured moments and stories are best told with a hand written note.

They hope that our products inspire you to share these important moments with those around you and preserve them for years to come.

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