Calendula Oil


We grow Calendula flowers on our farm from organic seeds which produce a highly potent resin for soothing many skin ailments.

Calendula’s medicinal resinous oils are found mostly in the involucres (the green base of the flower head.) Sometimes calendula is sold as “petals” only, but this is a weaker medicine for topical use. So we always use the whole flower head, which takes a lifetime to dry, but boy its worth it! Use our soothing Calendula Oil for a super sensitive facial oil or for eczema, acne, burns, bites, and so much more.

Ingredients - Organic cold-pressed Sunflower oil, cold-pressed Meadowfoam oil, Calendula officinalis, vitamin E. (Scented - Clary sage & Bergamot FCF essential oils)

note- Clary Sage should be avoided during pregnancy.

4oz Glass bottle with dropper.